Monday, October 10, 2011

California August 2011

So we went to California in August for Ethan's family reunion. I'm not going to lie, it was COLD, and I didn't bring any pants. But other than the cold weather it was a great time!
We went to Sea World, and of course caught the Shamu show!

 I can't remember what beach this was on, but it was in San Diego, where we hung out while the kids and everyone else went to lego land.

 The first time I ever saw palm trees!
 Erin @ the beach! Much too cold to go swimming.
 We got professional pictures taken on the beach one morning, here's the whole fam.
 Me, Ethan and Erin.
 My favorite picture of Ethan and Erin. I wish Ethan wasn't covering most of Erin's face!
Ha ha, I'd say the best one of me and Ethan. 


  1. Love these pics and love that you're in a dress.

  2. Oh please Amanda, I wear dresses willingly now. I even picked out a WHOLE outfit all by myself last weeked, dress, and accessories! I'm growing up so fast...