Monday, October 10, 2011

Red Wing/Wabasha September 2011

Ethan and I went on a road trip one day to Red Wing and then on to Wabasha.
 Half and Half tree in Red Wing. Love it.
 A picture of the bridge from half way up Barn Bluff. Which I would totally recommend the hike up there for the awesome view. Just make sure you wear good shoes! The trail is a little narrow in places, and I was afraid I was going to go sliding down.
 From the top of the Bluff, Red Wing in the background.
 I think this was in Pepin, on the way to Wabasha.
 Hiking up the bluff.
 Ethan and an eagle giving each other the stare down. This was at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha. Pretty cool, worth the $4 I think it cost to get in. We got to see an egale devour some raw meat...pretty sick.
And just another view from the top of the bluff. There's a few different trails you can walk up, but I think they all go to the same place. And on one of the trails you can watch some people rock climbing, which is pretty cool to see.

California August 2011

So we went to California in August for Ethan's family reunion. I'm not going to lie, it was COLD, and I didn't bring any pants. But other than the cold weather it was a great time!
We went to Sea World, and of course caught the Shamu show!

 I can't remember what beach this was on, but it was in San Diego, where we hung out while the kids and everyone else went to lego land.

 The first time I ever saw palm trees!
 Erin @ the beach! Much too cold to go swimming.
 We got professional pictures taken on the beach one morning, here's the whole fam.
 Me, Ethan and Erin.
 My favorite picture of Ethan and Erin. I wish Ethan wasn't covering most of Erin's face!
Ha ha, I'd say the best one of me and Ethan.